Summer and all-season tire facts:
• Tread rubber, often called compound, is the main factor in determining traction
• Summer tires offer a stickier and softer compound, better for warm, dry or damp pavement
• All-season tires have sipes, tiny slits that provide extra biting edges to give extra traction
• Buying new tires? Consider buying the tires that came with your car. Engineers match the
  tire suspension to the rubber when installing tires on new vehicles.
• Check the traction rating on the tire. A or AA ratings offer the best traction.

Why invest in summer and all-season tires at our dealership?
• Summer and All-Season tires recommended by the manufacturer are available - and likely in-stock
• There is no tire industry standard. Tire companies make their own assessments. Our staff are the
  most knowledgeable about tires and your vehicle specifications
• We offer complete Tire & Wheel Packages: Installation, balancing, alignment, storage & more

Lowest Price Guarantee on new summer or all-season tires!
We will match the lowest price on winter tires offered by competitors.*  

Manufacturer Rebates
Most major tire manufacturers offer rebates when you purchase a set of 4 new tires, 
up to $100.00. 
Ask one of our knowledgeable Service Advisor for details.

*Wheel and tire brands may vary at each dealer.

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